A figment of imagination spawns from the artistry of Roomism. Iconic and evolutionary, they escape into the senses of all.

Abstraction, never the unthinkable has given us power to create on understated humanly visions. Racing to the limits of ink, paper, fabric and medium possibly known, the establishment of facts and fiction conjoin at our creation.


Roomism started by Nana at 2007,  at 2010 Roomism Design Pte. Ltd was established. We basically have 2 devisions in the compnay:

One is illustration services for international advertising agencies. We have a team of a few very experience illustrators in this industry. Do contact us if you need any illustration, storyboarding, or visual drawing services.

Another devision are mostly doing our own creation, Sockaroos series which is one of our important project. We have ran exhibitions and also produced merchandising of this series. There are also some other series like Bat DNA and Tinkle Bear, you can have a look at our website.

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