Roomism working very hard on adding more fun and value to our products or promotional items, AR (Augmented Reality) is one of which we think will giving our fans extra fun, surprise and information.

AR_icon01The products you bought from us might have or have been added AR content. In year 2013 Roomism introduce an icon for our fans to recognize whether it is an AR enable product. If you see this icon printed at the packaging or the product itself, you can scan it with your mobile devices and unlock the AR content by using the appropriate app.

If you would like to know how to view the AR content, click the button below for general instruction, for specific product’s instruction please click on the product.

AR instruction


Checkout the list of the Roomism AR enable products or promotional items.

Roomism pocket calendar 2012


Kelu AR Keychain Series 01 


Roomism pocket calendar 2014 


Sockaroos AR Keychain 

Sockaroos AR Christmas Card


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