AR instruction

junaio_logoThere are several ways to unlock the AR content in our products. First of all you need to install a free app Junaio into your mobile device. It is a popular app with the icon at the left, won’t be hard to find.


Junaio is available for iOS and Android devices.


Launch junaio in your mobile device and be ready to unlock the AR content. You can choose either one of your own preference way below:

Way 01 - Scan the QRcode

Launch junaio junaio_logo in your mobile device.

If there is a QR code behind the products or somewhere at the packaging, you can scan the QR code.


Way 02 - Scan the product

Launch junaio junaio_logo in your mobile device.

If you don’t find any QR code you can try scan the product directly.


Way 03 - Search the channel

Launch junaio junaio_logo in your mobile device.

Access the channel by searching.


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