All 3D artists, sculptors, designers or 3D printer owner.

Have you ever planned to produce your own toy or figurine but end up was told that you need to produce in huge quantity?

We did experience that as you, that’s the reason we invested a professional 3D printer to do it ourself. We will like to share the love with you, helping you to print your own creation with no minimum quantity, and best thing is you can profit with it.

3D printer owner, if you like us want to share the love to provide low cost 3D printing service with others, do contact us too.


Currently we are looking for talented people who willing to collaborate.

If you create 3D model of your own character and wanted to 3D print your character into a tangible item, we can do that.

Or if you like to profit by letting us sell the 3D print of your original model at our site, welcome to contact us.

We are getting interest from artist now, maybe you can help me on the short survey. And we will contact those who is interested.

Survey Form

Please share the survey with your friends if you happen to know someone like you like to make their 3D character into toy.

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