Last week, BeeKey travel in Singapore. She’s from Malaysia – KL. Spend few hrs to take the workshop during her short trip. I’m happy to meet her & I hope she was enjoyed.

Kelvin a cute guy & sweet father. When he told me that want to sew a doll for his child I was so touching.

We have a great time. And thanks to tell me the story behind your doll.

一位在旅途中来学门手艺,一位为了10月出生的宝宝学作娃娃。他们娃娃背后的故事很有趣也很有意义。娃娃也变的有生命。虽然对他们来说第一次缝制有些困难,但还是完成了。祝福Bee Key有個完美旅程. 祝福Kelvin和他的baby幸福快乐

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