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The whole world is talking about 3D printing now, we are quite sure many of you already heard or seen it at Facebook.

Here we introduce our 3D printed Fio~~

Roomism is really exited in this technology too, not only it can produce in a small quantity of products also because it can easily produce our very stripy creatures. As some of you may know it is how terrifying to print such complicated graphic on a model.

The size of this little thing here is about 8.5 cm x 5cm x 3cm weighs about 70 grams. Printed in full colour sandstone, with high resolution printing all the stripes are beautifully and nicely printed exactly same as what we want to achieve, the accuracy of the mapping and the details of every lines.

You might see some layering on the model, it is because this is how the 3D printing work, it printing layer by layer to form a 3D.

This little thing is brittle not shock and water resistance, it definitely not a good playmate of your toy war or when you are bathing.

It’s not foodsafe as well, so avoid eating it although it looks sweet~

In our very first 3D print model, we introduce 2 different skin design of Fio to all of you. The original Fio, The Sakura Fio and the Phio which is the Phantom of Fio.

We can’t wait to share the joy with you, you can now pre-order it at our online shop and collect it at the coming STGCC Roomism booth F36 or you can choose to let us mail it to you.

For those who want to self-collect at STGCC  just key in “self-collection stgcc” as the coupon code during check out to get minus off the shipping fee and make sure you come to collect it at STGCC. 😀

Sockaroos 3D Print Buy it now!


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