Sockaroos AR Postcard was featured in Junaio blog.

Last weekend we launched the Sockaroos AR Postcard at STGCC 2012. The feed back is extremely good, many visitors was excited to try on the AR demo, and now we want to tell you that the Sockaroos AR Postcard was featured in Junaio’s blog.

We have a lot of fun working on the AR content by leveraging the world’s most advanced Augmented Reality Browser.

Those who bought our postcard we hope you having fun with the AR content, for those who missed the opportunity to try it can go to Junaio blog and have a try on 2 postcard out of the set of 10.

We will sell it online very soon, please give us some time to work on it.

Have a read on what they wrote about us~

Sockaroos AR Postcard Junaio blog



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