STGCC the biggest toy, comic, anime event in Singapore is approaching, we have been taking part on this event since year 2009.

You can see our pass even here.

Each year STGCC we would come up something new to surprise our customers. This year we present to you something we wanted to do long time ago, soft sculpture of Fio~

This project started last year, from discussing with the manufacturer, prototyping, amendments x rounds, and here they are.

Our Fio has too many stripes, technic of crocheting has some limitation following exactly the same with the original patterns. Minor changes have been made to achieve what we want, but still, you can tell it is the Fio that you knew.

It will be soon for pre-oder. Stay tune!

wip_soft_sculpture01_lr wip_soft_sculpture02_lr wip_soft_sculpture03_lr

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