We introduce Tinkle Bear to all of you as a season greetings. A little bell is hided in the body of Tinkle Bear so it will tinkle when you shake it adding more joy to your holiday.

Tinkle bear is the only series that exhibited in Fabric Fun Dolls Exhibition 2011, that is why we call it a mini show. The mini show is held in Singapore Red Dot Design Museum (MAAD Market).

Tinkle Bear also comes in paper toy, for the instruction you can find at the bottom of this page.

Step 1:

Cut out and prepare body parts of the Tinkle Bear.

Step 2:

Slot the body to the head.

Step 3:

Slot the neck ring in between head and the body joining flaps.

Step 4:

Fold down the neck joining flaps on top of the neck ring. Stick the neck cap to the neck ring.

Step 5:

Make sure the head is rotatable and start joining the head, remember to leave a slot for ears.

Step 6:

Stick the ears, hands, legs and wings to the head and body.

Step 7:

Back view for better understanding of where should the wings to be sticked.

Final paper Tinkle Bear:

Here you got the cute little paper Tinkle Bear, the head is rotatable.

More information of the exhibition:

Tinkle Bear Village

Parco Marina BayFacebook Album


Tinkle Bear Mini Show

Red Dot Design MuseumFacebook Album




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